Write my blog – read your blog

Todays Webmasterfriday raises the question if bloggers still read in other blogs? So here is my first contribution to the Webmasterfriday 🙂 Not least because this question makes me curious.

My blog still is relatively young and so i’m evolving from consumer to producer. I always followed many blogs and since i have mymindfulmoves.de the number is still invreasing. I get a large part of my inspiration from websites and blogs. At this time my feedreader contains around 100 feeds from different categories, mainly from the category photography and i have not always the time i wish i had to read all articles. The selection in the category mindfulness is not always as large as in the category photography – leave a comment if you have any recommendations.

The future

It think my future looks bright, i want to read and write more in 2016. I do not notice any movements of my readers towards social media, i am hoping for a move towards mymindfulmoves.de 😉 and i myself use facebook less and less because i find it less and less interesting. Maybe that’s the way of commercialization?

Instead of commenting at facebook i want to leave more comments in blogs, this might be mor time-consuming but i’m sure it’s also more interesting and exciting.

What do you think, will 2016 be the year of the “Great Blog-Dying”?