What if the internet was gone?

What if the internet was gone?

At home i sometimes feel like having no internet because i am forced to linger through the net at 2Mbit/sec. But totally no internet at all? That had severe effects! Even if some may say “It was OK in the 80ies and earlier!” i will answer “You are right but do i want that?”

The effects would hit different areas:



The lowest impact would hit my private life – you can always read on paper in books or magazines and there still is the library. Instead of listening to streams i would handle CDs again and i do not stream films anyway. And to contact friends i would have to use the good old unsmart Telephone.

At blogging

I had to forget blogging and would print more of my photos for offline use but i would not write anymore. Don’t know if i would miss it – i have never been a great diary-guy.

At work

As well my job as a web-developer a my employer, a 100% internet company, would become obsolete. I would try to stay in the IT business but i’d surely miss my current job.

I am really glad that all this is just speculation, so: “No! i don’ want to…”




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