The good old blog-archive

The Webmasterfriday raises a very interesting question this week:

What to do with the blog-archive?

My blog is only one year old and has only 80 posts – imho this is fairly manageable. There are three different categories in my Blog Mindfulness, Photography and This&That. And i try to crosslink the posts of one category. Crosslinking is my method of choice not to loose older posts and to keep the reachable for the readers. Google also honors internal links so that’s also good for SEO. I do not like the “previous” and “next” links because my blog is not written chronologically. I even thought about removing these links but they do not hurt either.

Crosslinking works very good in the category Mindfulness because those posts are semantically interconnected and i often link to posts with more extensive descriptions. Although this category is organised well it is not always easy to keep on track. All tipps from other WordPress-users welcome!

In the photography category i heavily rely on the tagcloud. It was not always a friend of mine but it is the best way to organise photo-posts. Everybody “tags” his photos offline and the tagcloud makes crosslinking easy. Older Posts stay available by clicking through the tags.

The posts from the category This&That are the fastest to disappear int the blog-archive. There are not many possibilities for crosslinking because often they differ too much thematically. Bot of course there is a tag for the Webmasterfriday 😉



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