My music heroes

From sad occasion this week’s Webmasterfriday-theme is  “Musik-Heroes”. Good Bye David Bowie and Lemmy! The legendary Ramones are my personal Music-Heroes, who also are unfortunately no longer with us anymore. My favourite music-decade is the 80ies, this is imho also the case with all releases from the Ramones. I discovered the 70ies albums after the 80ies albums and i always found them too monotonous. The 90ies albums show the aging heroes, nothing special after “Brain Drain”.

The Ramones put me through school more or less successfully und still escort me until today through my good and bad periods. One of my resolutions for this year ist “more music, less TV” i find that music is much better for my mood than watching boring movies. Oh, this reminds me that i need a “sound” stereo for my office so that i get rid of those inconvenient headphones! By the way – what’s new at TEAC?


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