How good is WordPress?

This week the Webmaster Friday asks “How satisfied are you with WordPress?”.

Light and Shadow

WordPress is so popular that in the meantime about 25% of all Websites on the internet are based on WordPress. Therefore almost any question about WordPress is answered somewhere on the internet – you can get help about anything. On the other hand this has the consequence that WordPress is the most profitable target for “Hackers”. Ever WordPress-Admin should close security holes as soon as possible by keeping WordPress up-to-date.

The plugin-system is also at the same time boon and bane: huge selection, but the trouble starts if 2 plugins are not compatible… Translation is also only available as a plugin und the best one (WPML, which i use) is subject to a charge.

As a webdeveloper i con not say much to the question “Is technical knowledge a must for using WordPress?”. I have already developed some additional features for

The wide choice of themes was my main reason to choose WordPress. Someone who cannot find a theme that fits his needs for his blog or website must have a very exceptional taste.

My conclusion

I searched for an alternative maybe once or twice but the competitors could not convince me due to their limited selection om themes/designs. Until now i am satisfied with WordPress but i did not support the community yet not with money nor with code. Maybe this will change in the next year?


According to Murphys Law just now with this post the view of the image in the RSS-Feedreader does not work, although i have a seperate plugin only for this use-case…