Photography Blogbühne (blogstage)

At the end of the year presents photography-blogs worth visiting, i think this is an interesting and exciting opportunity to introduce mymindfulmoves and to get to know my blog-neighbours.

I’m blogging because ….

i was searching for a possibility to present my photos and my ideas to a broad  ich nach einer Möglichkeit gesucht habe meine Fotos und meine Ideen einem breiten audience, without having to rely on foreign hosting services or social networks. I want to stay the master in my own house and in my opinion the peak of the different photo-related and social networks lies in the past.

My photographs feature ….

the representation of my personal view of the world. This statement may not be 100% satisfying because it’s valid for all photographers. I hope this blog and its comments will help me to develop my own personal photographic style.

I want to develop my photographic skills in these areas:

As stated above i want to develop my own personal style, mainly in black & white.

I made my biggest photographic step forward by…

switching from zoom-lenses to prime-lenses.  The restriction of possibilities forces me to photograph more mindfully – this results in better pictures.

I will put this photographic project into practise in 2016:

“Eye-Mind-Camera” is a weekly project where i want to post at least 2 new photographs each week.

Update 10. 01. 2016

Here they are: 65 photographyblogs worth viewing, thanks for adding!


Resolutions for 2016


My first reaction to this weeks Webmasterfriday Good resolutions for 2016 was “I do not have special resolutions for 2016”.

Actually my resolution for 2016 ist “simply just” writing post for this blog regularly and to set up a weekly photography project. Maybe these are no “special resolutions”,  but rather yet medium-sized projects. Considering that i have overlooked that – maybe i should add mindfulness to the resolutions.

I’m looking forward to 2016 and am curious what it will bring for and me personally.