What is mindfulness?

In our fast-moving digital age it is getting harder and harder to stay in contact with yourself and your environment. Often the daily schedule is so packed, that we do our stuff superficially and fly on auto-pilot all the time: ”What was i about to do? Oh yes…” or: ”…i should be more mindful. (sic!)”. To me mindfulness is also an attitude towards life. It’s not about getting a new person or about letting your mind wander. Quite the contrary, you simply try to implement a specific kind of mindfulness. Jon Kabat-Zinn, who developed ”Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction” says, that those specific kinds are:

Kabat-Zinn worked as a medical doctor with late-stage cancer patients who suffered from severe pain, so severe that a conventional pain therapy did not help anymore. He did not accept that and was searching for other possibilities to help. So he advised his patients to meditate – with success! The meditating patients felt significantly better. Kabat-Zinn refined his approach, removed ideological requirements, put mindfulness into a scientific context and developed ”MBSR” that way. MBSR is a formal 8-week-training, that follows an orderly specified flow. There are so called “informal” practices in contrast to such formal excersises like meditating periodically. You try to integrate the 3 basic principles into your everyday-life with those informal practices. Therefor are simple excercises suitable, which are easily and most important regularly integrated into your everyday-life. You do not have to practice meditation daily at 05:30 AM or live like a monk, to feel the positive effects of mindfulness.

This way you can switch of the auto-pilot and make more of the moment. You control your daily routine yourself and will no more feel like a nutshell in the ocean of life. To notice the unique nature of the moment helps you coping with difficult life-situations – the more exactly i can grasp a situation, the easier it is to notice a possible solution.

Curious? Here you can find a short, easy to replicate, mindfulness excersise.

To me photography is strongly connected to mindfulness, that’s why i try to bring both together here on mymindfulmoves.de. This article here shows that i am not the first to try that.