Photographing mindfully attracts increasing attention

There are more and more pages or articles about photography on the internet which have a clear connection to mindfulness. It is not always an explicit connection but here on this page is mindfulness mentioned and  linked, digital photography school gives 4 tipps referencing mindfulness:

  • Be there
  • Chase the moments (jage die Momente, sei in der Szene)
  • Know what you feel (sei dir deiner Gefühle bewusst)
  • Use your other senses (nutze deine anderen Sinne)

I like this post especially because it addresses the perception of the own emotions “If the scene you are watching makes you angry, then be angry and capture angriness”. Many pictures i find on the internet could use more emotions!

There is also a new german blog writing about contemplative photography – i think this is an interesting concept!

It seems that i am not the only one making this connection. Please leave a comment below if you know of similar pages.


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