Ziel erreichen

Mindfulness is always intentional, not only are you Now! Here! und not only do you not judge (hastily) – you also act intentionally and you have a goal. One important goal is inherent in mindfulness: to recognize that you are not here anymore or that you are judging hastily. As soon as you recognize this – stay friendly towards yourself! Try not to be upset about that mistake but be thankful for having the opportunity to get back to mindfulness.

Sometimes the mindful-consciousness gets confused with reaching other, higher levels of awareness. It is just the opposite! You have the intention to do one thing consciously Now! Here! without judging. This may not be always successful especially not continously. To choose consciously what to eat is not the same as eating mindfully, you know what i mean after doing the raisin practice. I’m sure that your mind was wandering away from the raisin once during the practice. Do you remember the moment you recognized it? That is the most important moment of mindfulness: to recognize how your mind wanders away and to take it back to the here and now. With a littel more practice these “slips” will become rarer and this is how your mindfulness makes progress.