Do not judge

Justitia - nicht Vorverurteilen“Do not judge” is one of the basic principles in acting mindfully and for me personally it is the one that is the hardest to implement. The example of the raisin-practice clarifies what i mean:

  • the raisin tastes good => is a judgement
  • the raisin tastes sweet => is a description

So what is the problem with judgement?

The judgement itself is not the problem, somehow you have to decide what you like to eat, what tastes good. Judgement becomes problematic, when it over before the sensation has reached your conscience and before the sensation has been evaluated. As long as you know in advance, before the sensation gets conscious, that the raisin tastes good (or bad), the real taste is irrelevant, the raisin becomes insignificant and the auto-pilot has assumed control again.

Do not pre-judge

From that angle “you shall not judge” is misleading, the actual meaning is “look out not to (pre-)judge hastily”. Being Now! Here” and acting intentionally is very helpful in this regard because in this way a buffer is created between sensation and judgement. The above image of Justitia depicts that meaning in a striking way.

What else is helpful??

In my experience the following attitudes make it easier to create that buffer between sensation and judgement:

  • staying curious
  • honest interest

Many things do not need to be judged – wether you find it great or usual that your neighbour drives a red ferrari, it won’t change your life significantly…