Act! Now! Here!

Jetzt! Hier!

The only moment you can act effectively is Now!
Tho only place you can act effectively is Here!

As the proverb has ist:

Walk whensoever you walk.
See whensoever you see.
Hear whensoever you hear.
Feel the now here!

Unfortunately many have unlearnt that kind of acting, and only act “… in order to ….”. You walk – in order to get to work – and maybe overlook to sunrise. The human and his brain is not fit for mulitasking. You can think about your work during your walk, but your body (of which your brain is a part of) is mainly busy with walking. Your mind is not keeping on task, you are absent-minded!

How can you come back to Now! Here! ?

The biggest part is done as soon as you recognize your wandering mind. It’s the heart of every mindfulness-practice to notice the inattention! Be kind to yourself, thankfully welcome the possibility of adjustment and watch your body-sensations for a minute. Embrace the fact that it will hapen again try to stay friendly towards yourself and keep on going.

Try it with the raisin-practice.

Never be concerned about the future anymore?

Actcting Now! Here! does not mean that you should never again reflect the past or care about the future. You just have to decide one thing to do – no more multitasking. Engage your future plans Now! Here! intentionally and unbiased. Leave out anything else.

The other two basic principles of mindfulness are not to judge (hastily) and acting intentionally.

Have you made any experiences acting Now! Here!? I’m looking forward to your comment.