Hier wird umgebaut

Mittlerweile macht die gemeinsame ??? von meiner Photographie auf keinen Sinn mehr. Ich möchte hier wieder mehr Fokus auf die Achtsamkeit legen und habe deshalb für meine Photoprojekte eine eigene Seite entworfen:

Der Umbau hier auf mymindfulmoves wird noch etwas Zeit in Anspruch nehmen, ich möchte euch so lange um Geduld bitten.

Das Bild habe ich von Matthew Hamilton, vielen Dank dafür!



The good old blog-archive


The Webmasterfriday raises a very interesting question this week:

What to do with the blog-archive?

My blog is only one year old and has only 80 posts – imho this is fairly manageable. There are three different categories in my Blog Mindfulness, Photography and This&That. And i try to crosslink the posts of one category. Crosslinking is my method of choice not to loose older posts and to keep the reachable for the readers. Google also honors internal links so that’s also good for SEO. I do not like the “previous” and “next” links because my blog is not written chronologically. I even thought about removing these links but they do not hurt either.

Crosslinking works very good in the category Mindfulness because those posts are semantically interconnected and i often link to posts with more extensive descriptions. Although this category is organised well it is not always easy to keep on track. All tipps from other WordPress-users welcome!

In the photography category i heavily rely on the tagcloud. It was not always a friend of mine but it is the best way to organise photo-posts. Everybody “tags” his photos offline and the tagcloud makes crosslinking easy. Older Posts stay available by clicking through the tags.

The posts from the category This&That are the fastest to disappear int the blog-archive. There are not many possibilities for crosslinking because often they differ too much thematically. Bot of course there is a tag for the Webmasterfriday 😉



What if the internet was gone?

nicht verbunden

What if the internet was gone?

At home i sometimes feel like having no internet because i am forced to linger through the net at 2Mbit/sec. But totally no internet at all? That had severe effects! Even if some may say “It was OK in the 80ies and earlier!” i will answer “You are right but do i want that?”

The effects would hit different areas:



The lowest impact would hit my private life – you can always read on paper in books or magazines and there still is the library. Instead of listening to streams i would handle CDs again and i do not stream films anyway. And to contact friends i would have to use the good old unsmart Telephone.

At blogging

I had to forget blogging and would print more of my photos for offline use but i would not write anymore. Don’t know if i would miss it – i have never been a great diary-guy.

At work

As well my job as a web-developer a my employer, a 100% internet company, would become obsolete. I would try to stay in the IT business but i’d surely miss my current job.

I am really glad that all this is just speculation, so: “No! i don’ want to…”




My music heroes

Motörhead and Ramones

From sad occasion this week’s Webmasterfriday-theme is  “Musik-Heroes”. Good Bye David Bowie and Lemmy! The legendary Ramones are my personal Music-Heroes, who also are unfortunately no longer with us anymore. My favourite music-decade is the 80ies, this is imho also the case with all releases from the Ramones. I discovered the 70ies albums after the 80ies albums and i always found them too monotonous. The 90ies albums show the aging heroes, nothing special after “Brain Drain”.

The Ramones put me through school more or less successfully und still escort me until today through my good and bad periods. One of my resolutions for this year ist “more music, less TV” i find that music is much better for my mood than watching boring movies. Oh, this reminds me that i need a “sound” stereo for my office so that i get rid of those inconvenient headphones! By the way – what’s new at TEAC?


Photography Blogbühne (blogstage)

At the end of the year presents photography-blogs worth visiting, i think this is an interesting and exciting opportunity to introduce mymindfulmoves and to get to know my blog-neighbours.

I’m blogging because ….

i was searching for a possibility to present my photos and my ideas to a broad  ich nach einer Möglichkeit gesucht habe meine Fotos und meine Ideen einem breiten audience, without having to rely on foreign hosting services or social networks. I want to stay the master in my own house and in my opinion the peak of the different photo-related and social networks lies in the past.

My photographs feature ….

the representation of my personal view of the world. This statement may not be 100% satisfying because it’s valid for all photographers. I hope this blog and its comments will help me to develop my own personal photographic style.

I want to develop my photographic skills in these areas:

As stated above i want to develop my own personal style, mainly in black & white.

I made my biggest photographic step forward by…

switching from zoom-lenses to prime-lenses.  The restriction of possibilities forces me to photograph more mindfully – this results in better pictures.

I will put this photographic project into practise in 2016:

“Eye-Mind-Camera” is a weekly project where i want to post at least 2 new photographs each week.

Update 10. 01. 2016

Here they are: 65 photographyblogs worth viewing, thanks for adding!


Write my blog – read your blog

Todays Webmasterfriday raises the question if bloggers still read in other blogs? So here is my first contribution to the Webmasterfriday 🙂 Not least because this question makes me curious.

My blog still is relatively young and so i’m evolving from consumer to producer. I always followed many blogs and since i have the number is still invreasing. I get a large part of my inspiration from websites and blogs. At this time my feedreader contains around 100 feeds from different categories, mainly from the category photography and i have not always the time i wish i had to read all articles. The selection in the category mindfulness is not always as large as in the category photography – leave a comment if you have any recommendations.

The future

It think my future looks bright, i want to read and write more in 2016. I do not notice any movements of my readers towards social media, i am hoping for a move towards 😉 and i myself use facebook less and less because i find it less and less interesting. Maybe that’s the way of commercialization?

Instead of commenting at facebook i want to leave more comments in blogs, this might be mor time-consuming but i’m sure it’s also more interesting and exciting.

What do you think, will 2016 be the year of the “Great Blog-Dying”?


How good is WordPress?

Wie gut ist Wordpress?

This week the Webmaster Friday asks “How satisfied are you with WordPress?”.

Light and Shadow

WordPress is so popular that in the meantime about 25% of all Websites on the internet are based on WordPress. Therefore almost any question about WordPress is answered somewhere on the internet – you can get help about anything. On the other hand this has the consequence that WordPress is the most profitable target for “Hackers”. Ever WordPress-Admin should close security holes as soon as possible by keeping WordPress up-to-date.

The plugin-system is also at the same time boon and bane: huge selection, but the trouble starts if 2 plugins are not compatible… Translation is also only available as a plugin und the best one (WPML, which i use) is subject to a charge.

As a webdeveloper i con not say much to the question “Is technical knowledge a must for using WordPress?”. I have already developed some additional features for

The wide choice of themes was my main reason to choose WordPress. Someone who cannot find a theme that fits his needs for his blog or website must have a very exceptional taste.

My conclusion

I searched for an alternative maybe once or twice but the competitors could not convince me due to their limited selection om themes/designs. Until now i am satisfied with WordPress but i did not support the community yet not with money nor with code. Maybe this will change in the next year?


According to Murphys Law just now with this post the view of the image in the RSS-Feedreader does not work, although i have a seperate plugin only for this use-case…


Resolutions for 2016


My first reaction to this weeks Webmasterfriday Good resolutions for 2016 was “I do not have special resolutions for 2016”.

Actually my resolution for 2016 ist “simply just” writing post for this blog regularly and to set up a weekly photography project. Maybe these are no “special resolutions”,  but rather yet medium-sized projects. Considering that i have overlooked that – maybe i should add mindfulness to the resolutions.

I’m looking forward to 2016 and am curious what it will bring for and me personally.




Mindfulness and a photographers blank state of mind

Die Leere des Fotografen

Minor White has been living a long time before photography got digitized and is thought of, like his friend Ansel Adams, as one of the most influential black and white photographers from the middle of the last century. This quote comes from him:

The state of mind of a photographer while creating is a blank…

For those who would equate “blank” with a kind of static emptiness, I must explain that this is a special kind of blank. It is a very active state of mind really, a very receptive state of mind, ready at an instant to grasp an image, yet with no image pre-formed in it at any time. We should note that the lack of a pre-formed pattern or preconceived idea of how anything ought to look is essential to this blank condition. Such a state of mind is not unlike a sheet of film itself – seemingly inert, yet so sensitive that a fraction of a second’s exposure conceives a life in it. (Not just life, but “a” life).

Minor White and mindfulness

When i read that quote for the first time i thought “he’s talking about mindfulness…”. My further research revealed that Minor White was interested in Zen-philosophy which, like mindfulness, has buddhistic roots.

The three essential principals of mindfulness are:

and you can find those three principals in Minor Whites quote.

Intention – active state of mind

Practicing mindfulness is often connected to “switching of the auto-pilot”. This means that one should live his life intentionally in a conscious was instead of letting himself be floated around from the own moods. Minor White also describes his state of mind as active, blank – not static empty.

Act Now! Here! – ready at an instant

You can only be “ready at an instant to grasp an image” when the own thoughts are Now! Here! and are not digressing in a dream. The only moment to take a photo is now and the only place is here.

Do not judge (hastily) – not pre-formed

In my opinion, the attempt not to judge hastily is the most difficult mindfulness-principle but also the most important one! Minor White also emphasizes this part of the “blank mind”. He says to “grasp an image” and to “conceive a life in it” is only possible without “pre-formed pattern or preconceived idea”, without a fast judgement.
Really? No judgment?

How do you choose which photo is suited to be shown and which photo should better be deleted from the memory card – without judging?

Never to judge anymore is obviously not the way to. THe important thing is not to “pre-form a pattern” for the subject or the photo. You have to separate the judgement process from the process of phtographing. Resist the habit of thinking “the first thing i have to know is the value aof the photo – is it good or bad?”. Rating the photo into an internal or an external (contest etc.) system has to come after the shot, not during preparation.

Photograph as a state of mind

Interestingly you can find many quotes with the topic “Photograph as a state of mind”, e.g. from Michael Dubiner:
Being a photographer is as much a state of mind.

This way photography can develop from a simple activity over a hobby to a approach to life with influence an the state of mind.



Photographing mindfully attracts increasing attention

There are more and more pages or articles about photography on the internet which have a clear connection to mindfulness. It is not always an explicit connection but here on this page is mindfulness mentioned and  linked, digital photography school gives 4 tipps referencing mindfulness:

  • Be there
  • Chase the moments (jage die Momente, sei in der Szene)
  • Know what you feel (sei dir deiner Gefühle bewusst)
  • Use your other senses (nutze deine anderen Sinne)

I like this post especially because it addresses the perception of the own emotions “If the scene you are watching makes you angry, then be angry and capture angriness”. Many pictures i find on the internet could use more emotions!

There is also a new german blog writing about contemplative photography – i think this is an interesting concept!

It seems that i am not the only one making this connection. Please leave a comment below if you know of similar pages.