About mymindfulmoves.de

What is it all about?

mymyindfulmoves.de is about photography in general and especially about photographing mindfully. Has mindful behaviour beneficial effects on your own photography?

Who is writing?

Werner (mymindfulmoves.de)
Werner (mymindfulmoves.de)

My name is Werner Grünberger and am employed as Webdeveloper. Since spring 2014 i am devoted to photography. I have bought my beloved Olympus OM-D E-M10 back then, therefor i photograph in the Micro Four Thirds format. The quality of a photograph strongly depends on the amount if time i take for the shoot, a fact that intrigued me from the beginning. Psychology (more exactly REBT) concerns me for a long time and i successfully passed the exam as „Heilpraktiker für Psychotherapie“ (alternative psychological practitioner) some years ago. mymindfulmoves.de brings those interests together.

Allow me to make a remark about the translation of this blog. My first language ist German, this is a private blog and i can not afford a professional translator. But i want to make the content available to a broad audience so i decided to translate the texts on my own. Please be patient and enjoy the photographs – which do nat need any translation.

So, why mindfulness and photography?

Photography is all about capturing a found subject into a 2-dimensional plane. Many „serious“ photographers like to distinguish between „serious“ photography and „snapshooting“. I don’t want to decide which one is better or worse.

But i see an important difference in the process of taking the photo: a snapshot is commonly taken in a rash whereas the „serious“ photographer consciously makes many decisions before he presses the shutter. He deliberately chooses Aperture, exposure time and ISO-value the way he wants them for that specific subject. And that consciousness is very similar to mindfulness. The more i am engaged in photographing mindfully the more often do i realize that i am not the only one perceiving that connection.

Even in my former hobby Karate Zanshin (remaining mind) is a central concept, which means “being aware of one’s surroundings and enemies, while being prepared to react”. Mindfulness simply did not yet exist at the time when the phrase “Zanshin” was characterized on Okinawa…

What’s next?

I will publish new photos at regular intervals, write some tutorials on photography and publish an article about mindfulness or psychology in general. Stay up-to-date and subscribe to my RSS-feed. The tagcloud provides a good overview over mymindfulmoves.de and i love to read your comments – just use the comment-function on each page.

Please consider my copyrights if you are interested in using one or more of my photos! I do not allow public usage without mentioning my name, you have to contact me in advance for commercial use.

November 26th 2015